EastPay Mojaloop Demo

Offering transparency for customer transfer fees between any account using Mojaloop

Meet EastPay

EastPay is a team of chatbot developers that have built a variety of chatbots that open up access to financial and government services.

What they want

EastPay’s wants to eliminate the friction and manual processes from on-boarding and support for financial services and give customers the best user experiences at the best price.

What they built

EastPay built a prototype to help entrepreneurs and SMEs in East Africa find the cheapest way to pay for goods on Alibaba. The idea was really a hybrid between flights lookup services, such as Skyscanner, and a personal finance advice service, like Nerdwallet.

How Mojaloop helps

Mojaloop enables user interfaces to be created that offer customers transparent fees for transfers between any account made between participants on the switch, which enables the customer to find the cheapest way to get money from A to B (using the Quotes API).

Use Case

The Opportunities and Challenges

Asynchronous API
Async API requests require a bit more sophistication and lift to handle but were common requests which made it more difficult to easily test and get a prototype up and running.

Technical capacity
Numerous plausible use cases were brainstormed during the development of this prototype that seemed to stretch what was currently specified in the API. A clear example of this is that using MSISDN addressing eliminates the ability for someone to have multiple accounts on the ALS without getting a second MSISDN associated with this account. In practice, someone may have a mobile money account linked to a MSISDN and want to move funds into or out of a savings account and this would present a technical challenge for how to implement this.