Famoco Mojaloop Case Study

Building an agent network to do cash-in-cash-out transactions, using Mojaloop

Meet Famoco

Famoco develops mobile business applications that enables its customers to deploy to mobile anytime, anywhere and optimize any type of field transactions. Famoco works with the World Food Programme to run their digital relief management platform. The platform is an ERP system for 12,000 merchants across 42 countries and disbursements for over 12 million people.

What they want

Famoco works with the WFP where there is a massive need to commonize the payment and financial management platforms across the different UN units and be able to move funds in and out of different countries.

What they built

Famoco prototyped a communized payment switch that could be used between UN bank accounts and end-point distribution accounts. 

How Mojaloop helps

Mojaloop has the ability to play a role in interconnecting a large number of payment systems across a wide geographic footprint.

Process Flow Diagram 

The Opportunities and Challenges

Famoco will be working with WFP to determine if this solution will meet their needs and scope a pilot project accordingly. Any barriers to adoption or additional system functionality that will need to be addressed will be handled in close collaboration with WFP in the initial stages of any potential pilot deployment. Currently, the team thinks there is potential for Mojaloop to address a number of WFP needs and is moving forward with these conversations.