Grameenphone Mojaloop Case Study

Using Mojaloop to build an interoperable agent network

Meet Grameenphone

Grameenphone is the largest telecommunications operator in Bangladesh in terms of revenue, coverage and subscriber base.

What they want

Grameenphone wants to connect the gap between 50mn bank accounts, 67 million MFS wallets and 1 million agents across a number of different DFS providers by streamline the onboarding process. 

What they built

Grameenphone evaluated Mojaloop as a potential hub operator and dug into the code base to scope a pilot with the next set of financial institutions they are on-boarding.

How Mojaloop helps

Mojaloop allows Grameenphone to demonstrate how an interoperable agent network would enable agents to perform agent banking transactions for any bank in Bangladesh.

Process Flow Diagram

What they added to Mojaloop

The Grameenphone team has an active need for a switching solution that can lower the cost of integration to utilize their agent network for cash-in and cash-out on behalf of new potential partners. To that extent, the team performed a more detailed technical evaluation of the Mojaloop platform to assess the readiness for live deployment. 

The team found there were several key pieces to spec to strongly recommend that Mojaloop be the technical solution put in place for a switching platform. They are as follows: 

  • The settlement engine needed to meet certain performance requirements for their specific application and the gaps between the current state of settlements and their specifications were identified. 
  • A hurdle that was identified is that in a market with bank-led mobile wallets like Bangladesh, a MSISDN-based ALS service makes it difficult to cater for customers with accounts at multiple financial institutions but single MSISDN.