Juvo Mojaloop Case Study

Building an agent network to do cash-in-cash-out transactions, using Mojaloop

Meet Juvo

Juvo is a venture-backed financial services company that builds financial identities for emerging market prepaid mobile subscribers, connecting them to inclusive mobile financial services. Juvo was founded with an overarching mission: to create the YES economy. They do this by establishing financial identities for the billions of people worldwide who are creditworthy, yet financially excluded.

What they want

Juvo wants to build a centralized credit scoring and lending marketplace to establish healthier credit marketplaces.

What they built

Juvo prototyped a lender-based Mojaloop hub with specific scheme rules to provide deeper insight into customer’s financial standing. 

How Mojaloop helps

Mojaloop offers two key functions to build this hub: the User Directory and the Get Quote API through the Fineract implementation.

The Opportunities and Challenges

Embedding metadata
The use case defined during the bootcamp requires the ability to embed additional metadata within Mojaloop, which is still undefined and not standardized in the community.  This presented both a challenge and an opportunity to the Mojaloop OSS – how do we want to allow metadata to be incorporated into “add-on” use cases like lending marketplaces? 

Async vs. sync API requests. 
The overhead necessary to deal with async requests currently utilized in the Mojaloop API represents a hurdle for developers wishing to dive into the Mojaloop system. This is not insurmountable, but does require some level of sophistication and a commitment of time to setup the additional processing power and bandwidth required to handle async requests. 

Data Privacy
Providing a simple zero-knowledge proof system to allow lenders to share and validate data without having to violate privacy agreements or give up proprietary data presents an opportunity to create a fairer, more open and affordable lending market. However, it is unclear how this type of bolt-on Mojaloop-based deployment would be implemented or where it would fit into the ecosystem.