Learn what’s possible with Mojaloop

Companies from around the world come together at our Mojaloop Bootcamps to explore what’s possible with Mojaloop, the open source code for interoperability. In four days, companies build real solutions to their tough business challenges. See the case studies below and stay tuned for our next open application period.

Bootcamp 2021

Building a better payment flow using Mojaloop

Powering tax payments using Mojaloop

Offering easy agency banking solutions that are faster and cheaper for end users using Mojaloop

Building a transparent, affordable and efficient remittance path using Mojaloop

Creating a seamless “conversational payments” interface using Mojaloop

Seamlessly enabling cross border transactions using Mojaloop

Allowing merchant vendors to be able to accept payments from a wide variety of users using Mojaloop



Bootcamp 2019

Building a centralized credit scoring and lending marketplace with Mojaloop


Building an agent network for rural communities with Mojaloop

Building an interoperable agent network with Mojaloop as a hub oporator

Building an agent network to do cash-in-cash-out transactions, using Mojaloop

Expanding the functionality of Mojaloop to incorporate split payments and other common use cases


Adding value to the Ethiopian banking sector through different switch use cases enabled by Mojaloop

Building an agent network to do cash-in-cash-out transactions, using Mojaloop

Offering transparency for customer transfer fees between any account using Mojaloop