Mojaloop Demos

Learn what’s possible with Mojaloop

Ten companies from around the world came together to explore what’s possible with Mojaloop, the open source code for interoperability. In four days, companies built real solutions to their tough business challenges.

Removing barriers to getting paid using Mojaloop

Building an agent network for rural communities with Mojaloop

Building a centralized credit scoring and lending marketplace with Mojaloop

Establishing a lender-based Mojaloop hub for deeper insight into customer’s financial standing

Building an interoperable agent network with Mojaloop as a hub oporator

Building an agent network to do cash-in-cash-out transactions, using Mojaloop

Expanding the functionality of Mojaloop to incorporate split payments and other common use cases

Adding value to the Ethiopian banking sector through different switch use cases enabled by Mojaloop

Offering easy agency banking solutions that are faster and cheaper for end users using Mojaloop

Building a transparent, affordable and efficient remittance path using Mojaloop