Ssnapp Mojaloop Case Study

Using Mojaloop to process payments with multiple payers, payees or currencies

Meet Ssnapp

Ssnapp leverages the power of word-of-mouth and influencer marketing to build the future of relationships between customers and brands. They offer social loyalty programs, referral programs, secure digital offers and an integrated influencer marketing platform.

What they want

Ssnapp wants to expand to East Africa but needed to understand the different ways it could integrate into East African payment systems, first. They joined our bootcamp to explore what Mojaloop offered.

What they built

Ssnapp piloted a product offering where an individual can make payments with friends, family, various digital wallets and by redeeming certificates for a straight dollar value or a discount amount and apply it to a single purchase.

How Mojaloop helps

Mojaloop will help Ssnapp’s customers make purchases with multiple payments and payees and multiple currencies, and will allow customers to redeem their points earned through various loyalty programs on the Ssnapp platform.

Use Cases

What they added to Mojaloop

For the use case outlined by Ssnapp, there are two specific functional requirements that were necessary to implement that are not native to Mojaloop: Split a payment to multiple recipients and combine multiple payments into a single authorization. Building inclusive financial products starts with building the rails for the most common use cases that customers want. By expanding the functionality of Mojaloop to incorporate these common use cases, payment systems running on Mojaloop will be able to provide more valuable services to a larger number of customers. View the whole case study for further details.