DFS Lab invests in founders building the future of digital commerce in Africa

Applications are open for anyone working on payments in Africa: Apply to our Mojaloop Bootcamp by September 2.

We support promising early-stage startups by partnering with our venture scouts alongside a broader network of global mentors. In addition to our standard DFS Lab support, we launched Sufficient Capital – our angel investing network – to further support our portfolio companies. Learn more about Sufficient Capital and how to get involved.

Our venture scouts have built some of the most successful startups in Africa. Meet a few of them:
Shola Akinlade

DFS Lab Venture Scout
Founding CEO,

Rose Goslinga

DFS Lab Venture Scout
Founding CEO,

Odunayo Eweniyi

DFS Lab Venture Scout 
Co-founder, COO,

Ngozi Dozie

DFS Lab Venture Scout
Co-founder, Carbon Bank Nigeria

Ben Lyon

DFS Lab Venture Scout 
Founder, Kopo Kopo & CEO, Hover

Hilda Moraa

DFS Lab Venture Scout
Founding CEO, WezeTele &
CEO, Pezesha

We help founders build solid foundations and match the world’s smartest capital with Africa’s most promising founders

We start by investing $25K in each team selected to join our cohort with an option to up our investment later on. We then help you build a solid foundation for your startup, including a set of shareable materials designed to help validate your team’s vision. We also introduce teams to our own network of investors who are excited to meet and help our cohort companies.

After your pre-seed round, we work with your team for 4-6 months on a growth plan that leads to your next round of financing. Eventually, we serve as frank friends while you continue to participate in our community.

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